Sunday, 17 July 2016

Who You Gonna Call???


Not very often you get two posts in one day but I do wanna put my thoughts across. 

I went to see Ghostbusters yesterday and let me tell you it does not deserve the hate that film is getting!! Yes I know we all think the original is the best and nothing is ever gonna change that and to be honest I don't think the film is trying to do that either. I think the film is just trying to be a good film and you know what it's succeeded at that. 

I'm not a huge fan of Melissa McCarthy but I really enjoyed her performance in this film. It is so nice to see her playing a different kind of character for a change. All the characters were well rounded and I think having an all female casts brings a fresh approach to the franchise. I can honestly say I am looking forward to the sequel.
I also loved that there was no toilet humour in it either. 

So what is the point with all this hate? Just enjoy the film for what it is and embrace it because you know what you will be pleasantly surprised with how good it is. If you are gonna go in to that cinema with the mentality of I am gonna hate it because it's not the original than please don't waste your time and more importantly don't upload a crappy review because of it. 

Congratulations Paul Feig and everyone involved for a brilliant remake of a classic film!!

Rachael xoxo

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If You Like Pinita Colada and Getting Caught in the Rain...


What can The Body Shop do wrong? Not much apparently! When I heard they were bringing out a Pinita Colada collection I knew I had to have it! Well so did everyone else it turns out and it has taken me ages to get the majority of what I wanted. 

So what I did buy was the Shower Gel, Body Sorbet and the Body Scrub. These items are so great together and the smell is amazing, it's the most Pinita Colada-y thing I have ever smelt in my whole life. Better yet the smell lingers so it's not gone in five minutes which I find perfect for a night out. That should be some sort of advertisement for this. If you want to smell like a cocktail for your night out I have the perfect product for you!!

The most weird product out of them all is the Body Sorbet though. It's definitely a different consistency to their regular moisturisers but it still does the same thing it is still very hydrating. I do prefer the texture though there is something really nice about a gel like moisturiser and I feel like it is getting rid of your dead skin cells too. Don't know if that is intentional or not. 

The packaging is a God send though! All their moisturisers usually come in a tub and gets all under your finger nails and it is such a pain. I hope that they continue to put Moisturisers in squeeze bottles as this is more hassle free. 

Well done The Body Shop and I hope to see more creations like this in the future!!

Rachael xoxo

**The lighting is terrible so I shall update with photos tomorrow. 

Saturday, 9 July 2016

Welcome and Here we Go!!!


Some of you may or may not know but this is now my second blog. I did have a blog with the same name but I kinda ran out of inspiration, I lost motivation and I could give you a million and one reasons as to why. I'm kinda of feeling like I wanna get back in to the swing of things but I wanna do things better, easier and different.

First of all I'm not gonna try and be at this everyday I am gonna limit myself to one or two post every Saturday (when possible). With my job and my life outside of work it is impossible to upload something every single and it's not a goal I'm going to set myself again. 

I also want to talk about more than just make up and beauty. Even though I love that sort of thing I think after a while I just end up recycling the same stuff. I want to talk about other interests I have as well so throughout this weekly blog you will find a mixture of:

  • Make up
  • Beauty
  • Purchases
  • Film and TV
  • Food
  • Drink
  • Everyday experiences 
That's the list I've got so far I have no doubt that it will grow as time goes on. 

I'm hoping I'll get another post uploaded today but if not I'll see you all next week!!

Rachael xoxo